Sony Camera Control Box

Multi-cam connections over LAN

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Multi-cam connections. Infinite possibilities.

Harness the compact Camera Control Box to unleash unlimited shooting possibilities. Explore simultaneous control of multiple cameras - each paired to a Box with direct PC monitoring. Then enjoy infinite movie-making freedom.

Unlimited movie-making potential

Expand your movie-making world with the versatile Camera Control Box. Combine Box units to simultaneously control multiple cameras, turn power on/off, adjust settings, and capture photos or videos, using a web browser on your PC.

Comprehensive remote camera control
Power on/off, check/change settings, release shutter, start/stop recording.

Convenient image file management
Transfer stills and movies from multiple cameras to PC, promptly and easily.

Precision video sync operation
Video Sync simultaneously controls multiple cameras for smooth movie quality.

Features :

Compact Camera Control Box accessory brings power and connectivity to match and maximize infinite multi-camera shooting possibilities. Equipped for comprehensive remote camera control, image file management, and precision video sync, each Camera-and-Box pair is connected with your PC to open new realms of movie imagination.

  • Wired camera interface for multi-camera expansion
  • IP network utilization for system flexibility
  • Precision video sync support
  • Centralized image data management
  • Wire each Camera-and-Box pair for power, preview, and control
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Additional Info

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