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Wired Follow Focus with handle controller

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We have been dedicated to create a follow focus which all photographers must use, as indispensable as a lens.Being different from traditional mechanical follow focuses which are with unitary function and limited range of application, as well as from common line-controlled follow focuses which need individual hand wheel, controller, and external power source, the present REMOTE LIVE has perfectly realized the following idea: merging all complex parts together with the method of line control into an integrated control handle with powerful performance whose extremly succinct technology allows one thumb of yours to control it easily.
This follow focus can be used together with various kinds of equipment in different scenarios. Its advantages can exploited to the full by held in hand or combined with other equipment.

Extensive Range of Application

The supreme advantage of REMOTE LIVE is that it can nearly satisfy all your follow focus requirements. Moreover, it can be used along with more equipment, such as professional tripod, steadicam, rocker arm, stabilizer, etc. Regardless of shoulder-on, handheld, or live broadcasting. REMOTE LIVE can realize all kinds of focusing and zooming control, which will become an indispensable necessity during your shooting process.



Unibody—the integrated control handle

Excellent design can make people loath to part with it. Unibody— the integrated control handle requires not only enduring battery capacity but also accurate and smooth master control system which undoubtedly bring us enormous challenge. Employing CNC precision machining and careful revision achieves its spotless beauty and comfort.

Wilfully flexible installation

In order to exploit REMOTE LIVE’s advantages to the full, all-round innovation is required. REMOTE LIVE with specific clamp can be installed on the handles of various professional equipment, even replacing the orginal handles directly. Besides, through rotating nut, it can access to pipes with the diameters ranging from 15MM to 30MM. At the same time, its index plates on three different sides can realize different angle and azimuthal installation. Its ingenious design makes it so flexible.

Delicacy in details

When you hold REMOTE LIVE in your hands, you can feel its superexcellent handle, fine and mellow chamfer, integrated unibody, unique abrasive blasting technology, and meticulous hand wheel lines. Apart from reduplicative polishing, we also have a strict control over the smoothness of the hand wheel as well as the sensitivity of NERVE key, until extraordinary tactility is presented on your hands.


Splendid heritage, new start

We have transplanted all functions of REMOTE AIR into REMOTE LIVE, such as automatic shot detection, automatic current and speed distribution, motor reversing, as well as AB Point setting function aiming at EF shot. You can implement all these excellent functions through NERVE key. (Function setting introduction is attached)

Automatic stroke detectionLong press for three seconds, do not release until lens rotate
Forward/backward shift of drive wheelFive continuous short presses
Linear buffer mode shiftSeven continuous short presses
Manually set up the stroke (Point AB)
SetupTwo presses: first is short press; then is long press, and set Point AB by toggling the hand wheel at the same time, do not release until it is finished;
RevokeTwo continuous short presses to revoke the set stroke;
Invoke previous manual strokeShort press after re-start, Remote Live will automatically restore the previously saved stroke setup

Linear buffering zoom

Brand new REMOTE LIVE has loaded linear buffering zoom mode as a breakthrough which makes advancing and stretching zoom process with uniform velocity become more flexible. In standard mode, 360° can turn a full circle, while switching to buffering mode, 216° can turn a full circle, which allows you to control zoom more smoothly.

Powerful battery endurance

REMOTE LIVE can be standby for 48 hours under normal temperature. Motor can work continuously for more than 3 hours in normal use. Internal battery can provide more than 1000 times’ circulation of full charge and discharge. Besides, it can also achieve instant start within standby time of 30 days.  


Two MOTOR standards, applicable to professional film and broadcast ENG as well as camera lens

REMOTE LIVE has two standards of driving motors, namely, Standard Motor which is applicable to camera lens, and High Torque Motor which is applicable to more film shots. If you need to employ many film shots of different standards as well as all kinds of camera lens, High Torque Motor is the best choice undoubtedly. However, if you only use camera lens commonly, then Standard Motor is enough.

Considerate design, unremitting power

There is 4-pin Aviation plug interface at the bottom of brand new Remote Live which supports 9-20V wide voltage charging. Apart from employing original 12V charger, you can also buy extra accessories, using V-mount battery with Type B plug to charge directly when you are at the scene of outdoor filming or at every minute counts spot, which could avoid out of service caused by low battery.


Additional Info

Additional Info

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