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DJI Ronin was developed for video professionals. Made from precision machined aircraft-grade aluminum, special attention was paid to the quality of workmanship so that the Ronin can withstand rigorous environments, land or aerial.

Its unique design, ultra fast processor, combined with precision sensors and advanced algorithms allow to have ultra stable footage by simply holding it or attaching it to a drone. High-precision sensors, high-performance engines and a 32-bit floating point DSP processor have created a system that corrects manipulations with nearly 0.02° accuracy! These innovations now give you access to the latest technology to create videos with unparalleled stability.

DJI Ronin is compatible with any type of camera

The Ronin was not designed for a particular camera and can be easily adjusted to support light type MFT cameras, but can also be adapted to heavy systems like Red Epic.

Maximum size of supported cameras:

  • Maximum width: 195 mm
  • maximum height (measured at the top of the base plate of the camera): 225 mm
  • maximum depth (measured in the center of mass of the base plate of the camera): 140 mm

Mounting and balancing the camera

A bracket is attached to two 15mm rods and allows horizontal adjustment.
The camera is attached to a quick release plate which is fixed on the bracket, and allows adjustment of the depth.
Before turning the Ronin on, be sure to make a first manual balancing to reduce the power needed by the engines, especially with heavy camera models.

DJI Ronin Controls

Smooth Track

3 different modes of operation allow the Ronin to be used in different scenarios, all of which can be entered without changing settings on the Ronin Assistant app or a 2nd operator remote. SmoothTrack functionality remains in all three modes.

  • Upright mode: Flip the gimbal over to bring the camera closer to eye level without effort
  • Underslung Mode: The default gimbal operation is the Underslung mode. The camera can be comfortably held low to the ground, at chest level. This mode is also used when the Ronin is suspended from a camera crane or a drone.
  • Briefcase Mode: When a slimmer gimbal profile is needed, i.e. when moving through doorways or narrow paths, Briefcase mode is ideal and allows the gimbal to be held to the side and close to the legs.

Smooth Track fonctionality allows a single operator to operate the Ronin while framing: indeed, in this mode, the Ronin will no longer remain in a fixed axis, but will follow the operator in its slow movements be avoid tremors. The sensitivity can then be adjusted, as well as the speed of movement of the frame.

Maximum speed:

  • pan axis: 90° /sec
  • tilt axis: 100° /sec

Remote Control by a 2nd operator

An integrated DJI receiver allows a second operator to control the RONIN remotely. The main operator of the gimbal can therefore be concerned with the path of the camera while the second will deal with the movement of the camera.

Easily add additional accessories

Top Bar Accessory Mounts

It is planned to add a field monitor or video transmitter like the DJI Lightbridge. Moreover, the top bar features a quick release system that allows easy attachment and detachment for rapid setup and break down.
The same attachment can be used for vehicle or multi-rotor mounting.

Double 15mm rods

The quick release plate is designed to accommodate two standard 15mm rods. You can use them to easily add a follow focus to your configuration.

4H autonomy

Powered by a provided 14.8V 3400mAh battery, the gimbal system has a maximum autonomy of 4H.
The use of P-TAP or USB ports on the DJI battery, extremely convenient to plug in accessories without adding the overload of an external battery, is nevertheless lowering the autonomy.
It is advised to bring extra batteries to ensure the smooth running of the shoot.

Advanced Options

If one of the major advantages of this revolutionary stabilizers is the speed at which you can be ready to shoot (15 minutes once used to the gimbal), the manufacturer also gives you the opportunity to make advanced settings to change the Ronin behavior to match your own needs.

PC and MAC software for configuration and updates

A very complete software allows to update the Ronin, but also to calibrate it, stabilize it when you change the configuration, and set all the parameters: in particular, the Smooth Track mentioned above, but also the threshold of motion compensation and more. Moreover, the software allows you to track the engines' actions via graphs in real time and view the status of your Ronin.

An iOS app for on the fly setup

Named "DJI Assistant", the application is available on iOS 6.1 or higher, and only for the recent iPhones, iPads or iPod touch. Remember to check compatibility.

Very well done, the App connects via Bluetooth to your DJI Ronin and allows you to monitor your gimbal but also to launch the self calibration and make some others adjustments like changing the movement following speed.

Ronin comes with a very well made flightcase

Very robust, with an attractive design, this case is waterproof and mounted on wheels. It includes two floors of high density custom foam to ensure maximum protection for the Ronin and its accessories.

The case has even planned free space for futur additional accessories like extra batteries, extra quick release plates, and DJI Lightbridge for wireless video transmission.

Additional Info

Additional Info

UsageBeginner, Amateur, PRO
Product typeGimbal
FeaturesRods 15mm
Load capacity3.6 kg
Dimensions (L x W x D)500 x 210 x 420 mm
Net weight (kg)2.3
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