DJI Mavic - ND Filter Set (ND4/8/16)

Filtre ND to Mavic

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Designed specifically for the Mavic Pro, this ND filter reduces the amount of light in the sensor. This set includes ND4, ND8 and ND16 filters. You are now free to compose your creations with the utmost control over the opening of the Camera, exposure time, and sensor sensitivity settings.
For simplicity, the ND filter prevents photos from being overexposed.
The ND4 filter reduces incoming light by a quarter, the equivalent of a 2-diaphragm filter.
The ND8 filter reduces incoming light by 1/8, the equivalent of a 3-diaphragm filter.
The ND16 filter reduces incoming light by 1/16, the equivalent of a 4-diaphragm filter.

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